Ronan is an artist and mathematician, who works with computers to produce art that reflects our intimate nature with our inventions and they way that they reflect the very nature of our existence.

Ronan has 15 years experience designing and building electronics and software as well as 2 years experience in intellectual property (technology law). He has designed and built interactive software and technology as an independant developer and also worked as an employee of Serato, an international audio software firm.

He has developed his own artistic methodology and his work often anticipates state of the art technology, for example, his study of transitive inference predated recent research on ‘zero-shot learning’ by several years. 

“Ultimately I’m interested in making the world a better understood place. By examining what it means to be human we can better understand what responsibilities we have towards other beings.”

he is passionate about the development of the digital arts as a means of creative expression and as a tool for the development of new modes of understanding. He is highly academic and is determined to develop skills in digital expression among the local artistic community.

His interdisciplinary practices includes economics and politics and focuses on action from within. His social practice includes the promotion of network theory of cultures, as well as being post-pragmatic


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Jaya describes himself as a creative opportunist. Jaya was raised in the Scottish highlands, schooled in the US and London with lengthy intermissions in India. He strongly believes that digital art can help create a better society.

He founded and runs several coworking spaces such as Quad Cowork and the Evil Genius Lair in Ferrymead.  Jaya also currently serves on the board of the Christchurch Arts Audience Development Trust, providing strategic marketing expertise and is the Christchurch producer for premiere design show Semi-Permanent.

For the last 6 years Jaya has consulted on branding, marketing, design, and communications strategy for numerous government agencies, corporates, and non-profits from Auckland to Invercargill.

“No other art form can explain and challenge current cultural and social narratives as deeply and as intricately as digital art is able to”.

He had his hand in starting a New York based international newspaper - The Epoch Times - back in 2004 and ended up in Manhattan as the global marketing director till 2011. Before deciding to take up the challenge and move to the USA, Jaya and his wife Annthalina founded 3 Lotus Media Productions – an ethical marketing agency based in London, UK that serviced clients in the UK, Sweden, Italy, USA, Australia and NZ.

His teeth were cut in London designing key art and creating marketing campaigns for the likes of Artificial Eye, Polygram International, Warner Bros and the BBC. He also created and ran branding campaigns for the likes of Holstein Pils, NFL Europe, Camel Trophy and Budweiser.