We are open!!! by Ronan Whitteker

AfterMath Gallery is open for business... and as a free workspace for artists.

We're going to be open lots over the next week or so while we figure out the best hours, but at the very least you can guarantee someone will be in the store:

Wednesday to Friday :: 1pm to 6pm

We're excited about being open in the early evenings, so be sure to stop by if you are in town, heading out to dinner, or have time to spare before the theatre.

We are also available if you want somewhere to work on creative digital projects. You'll be able to ask for help and share ideas, and (hopefully) meet likeminded people!

This Saturday, we have the first of our Digital Art Workshops. This is July 8th from 1:30 pm for about 3 hours. The tickets are an absolute bargain thanks to our funding from Creative New Zealand.

In the first week, we'll be covering the foundations of digital art, and how we as people can relate to the digital. This will cover complex topics such as nonlinearities of cultural transmission as well as alien identites in the modern world. You will hear from: Hana Aoake and Mya Morrison-Middleton from Fresh and Fruity, Ian Clothier from Intercreate.org and John Chrisstoffels from the University of Canterbury.

Tickets are available starting at $10 with reasonable discounts for unwaged and concession passes: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/digital-art-workshops-aftermath-gallery-tickets-35865114523